YouTube in Education

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Module Summary

An important social media tool used everyday outside of class is presently being used by instructors to teach their students. Students coming to college campuses are already familiar with using YouTube to watch videos and instructors are using existing videos to supplement their teaching.


Learners will...

  • define Youtube
  • describe ways to use YouTube to teach

Main Contents

A social website that allows users to upload and share videos with the world has YouTubeEdu { } for instructors to share free lectures from universities all over USA (participants MIT, UCLA, Yale, U.C.Berkeley and others).

Instructors can use videos to demonstrate explanations of simple concepts or complex ideas. The videos can be used as main content or as a supplement to their existing content. Video use in courses can be helpful in addressing learning styles of learners. Students have control and can opt to review a lecture more than once. Wide array of videos can be found on subjects based on these categories - university, primary and secondary education, lifelong learning, science, mathematics, engineering, business and others.

In the past lectures from higher education was mostly available but since the addition of khan academy videos { }, more videos are available for K-12 audience. Another service available for instructors is YouTube for Schools { }. Instructors can sign-up and have access to the pool of educational videos.


Please see some related videos from the IDT Roundtables, with links to the videos hosted on YouTube at General_Reference_Resources.

How To

Instructors can use an existing lecture created perhaps in the technology class on campus or recorded using a webcam on their computer, or even having being taped with a camera from the back of the classroom. Any of these methods can be used to upload a lecture on YouTube.

Possible Pitfalls

  • Instructors can be camera shy to record and share their lectures and self conscious about their teaching for YouTube.
  • Working with the technology can be discouraging for non-savvy instructors.


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