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By Dr. Roger McHaney



voicethread.com is a web-based tool that permits users to create a presentation in a variety of multimedia formats and provides a collaborative forum for registered users. The educational uses are unlimited and permits immediate feedback on a work in progress or a final presentation.


VoiceThread.com was founded by Benji Papell and Steve Muth in March of 2007.

Levels of Membership

There are four levels of membership: Business, Pro, Higher Education, and K-12. At affordable prices and expanded services as desired, as well as the free basic service. Read more about these levels of membership here.

Mobile Computing

For the past five to seven years, mobile computing has meant a laptop. Today it is being done by smart phones and tablets largely using the iOS platform (iPhone Operating System). This is not a web based system and cannot operate with the commonly used web browsers such as, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Bing or NetScape. The release in Fall 2011 of voicethread M5 commenting – will bridge this gap, it will interface with HTML, iOS and web based systems. The goal to keep mobile learning applications accessible to all.

Read more here.

Corporate Uses

Clients can be in on the development process with more immediate feedback possible on marketing campaigns, promotional materials, charts, graphs and other presentations. The immediate feedback of all users involved in the process will save time and money.

Personal Uses

This author believes it would also provide a tremendous opportunity for verbal family histories. For example a photograph can be posted and many family members can leave a story via telephone, and it can be archived for the next generation. It would also be a fabulous tool for families separated by geography to tell a story to a grandchild, niece or nephew.


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