Using Online Teaching Cases

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Note: The Creating Online Teaching Cases link is the precursor in this sequence.


Module Summary

This module focuses on the uses of online teaching cases for more creative and problems-solving types of learning in higher education. "Cases" are real-world events, in most cases. "Scenarios" are projected or theoretical ones.


Learners will...

  • Locate teaching case studies in their fields
  • Consider how to inherit teaching cases
  • Customize cases for their own teaching and learning purposes
  • Apply instructional strategies
  • Evaluating the learning efficacy of online cases

Module Pretest

1. What resources are there for your particular domain field in terms of teaching case studies?

2. What are some strategies for inheriting teaching cases and integrating them into a curriculum?

3. How may cases be fitted to particular student groups?

4. What are some ways to customize cases for teaching and learning purposes?

5. What are some online instructional strategies for the effective uses of teaching cases?

6. How are cases evaluated for learning value?

Main Contents

This brief slideshow highlights some general strategies for using online teaching cases.

Using Online Teaching Cases Slideshow

Using Online Teaching Cases

The slideshow above may be viewed as a .pdf file at the following link.

Using Online Teaching Cases (.pdf version)

The slideshow may also be viewed as a PowerPoint 2007 slideshow at the following link.

Using Online Teaching Cases (.pptx slideshow version)


A real-world set of cases derived from Native American experiences is available Enduring Legacies Native Case Studies

How To

There are many ways to create online learning cases, and multiple educational and other institutions have put information online about this.

Possible Pitfalls

Online teaching cases will require a fair amount of integration work into a particular curriculum. While these save on time (they do not have to be written by the instructor), they may not focus precisely on the main lessons that the particular instructor would like to discuss. Also, there may be extraneous information and complexity, which may be difficult for less experienced instructors and learners to integrate satisfactorily.

Module Post-Test

What repositories of teaching case studies have you found for your particular field? Have you found related interdisciplinary teaching case studies?

What are some ways to inherit teaching cases and to integrate them into a curriculum?

What are some ways to tailor teaching cases to particular student groups, and what are your rationales?

What unique methods have you found for customizing cases for teaching and learning purposes?

How are cases evaluated for learning value?


Extra Resources

Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Epidemiological Case Studies)

The Evergreen State College's Enduring Legacies Native Cases

Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology

USC Levan Institute Ethics Resource Center