Student Services Resources at K-State

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Student Service Satisfaction Survey for Distance Students

Two weeks before the end of each semester, the Student Service Satisfaction Survey is administered to all students who took their first distance course during that semester. While it has been used for 10 years, it recently was re-written and now gives students a chance to share feedback for campus entities that are used by all distance students and also on services that are available but not as heavily used. The Office of Planning and Analysis, in partnership with the K-State Global Campus, is responsible for administering the survey and reviewing results. Information is shared with units providing the service.

Scholarships for Distance Students

There are two scholarships earmarked for non-traditional and distance students. They are the Maurine O’Bannon Scholarship and the Office of Diversity Opportunity Scholarship. The Global Campus website has information on both at the following link.

K-State Libraries

The K-State Libraries are routinely used by distance students who use this resource and the staff to obtain remote access to online databases and electronic journal collections, as well as providing book and article delivery service. Dedicated libraries bring specific services to distance learners. More may be learned here.

Non-Traditional Student Services Office

This campus office serves as a liaison for all students 25 years of age and older, who are married, a parent, a veteran, or are returning to school after an absence.

Student Access Center (formerly Disability Support Services)

Student Access Center has updated their policies and procedures to be able to assist all students with documented disabilities, both on- and off-campus, by providing the accommodations they need to be successful in their classes. Student Access Center has a lead person in their office designated to assist distance students. Student Access Center makes every effort possible to be proactive in meeting student needs. Timing is always an issue, and this office works with known students to meet their anticipated needs for future semesters, as well as responding as effectively as possible to new students.

Career and Employment Services

This office provides career advising, employment connections and resources to all K-State students. CES offers career advising, job search training, employer connections, job listings online, and other employment resources.

University Life Café

This website, maintained by the Counseling Services office at Kansas State University, is available to all members of the university community to help promote emotional wellness. It contains student-generated contents, along with informative pages developed by the counseling services office to encourage dialogue and identify symptoms that are indicators of students in distress. The University Life Cafe was created from a federal grant.

Powercat Financial Counseling

This office provides free information and education to K-State students who are seeking help with financial issues (not investment advice) – including individual financial education sessions with a professional advisor or a trained peer financial counselor. For distance students, they are able to provide online and phone counseling.

Visit Powercat Financial Counseling here.

Global Campus Student Faculty Services Center

This center is staffed to answer phone and email questions from distance students. They handle proctoring arrangements for all distance students and administer tests for distance students located near the university.

The Global Campus Student Faculty Services Center offers a range of services for distance learners.

Global Campus Wildcat Success Map

This tool was developed by Global Campus to present in a fun manner-- the information the students need for their journey through the degree process. It uses a roadmap theme and the services are presented in a linear manner that is related to each step of the journey. The Roadmap guides them through Admissions and course selection. It refers them to campus entities and reminds them of important tasks clear through graduation.

Global Campus Twitter and Facebook accounts

Facebook and Twitter are used by Global Campus to present the more social aspects of the university to distance students and to try to make the university a daily presence in student’s lives. Some of the things posted by the staff include dates of university lectures that are available electronically, sports updates, pictures of K-State activities, and invitations to participate in fun activities such as sending pictures of themselves in wildcat t-shirts. One of the most popular activities is to answer trivia questions that relate to K-State or to participate in contests put on by the Student and Faculty Services office. The winners receive prizes that are mailed to them.

To learn more about Global Campus' social media presence, visit their Facebook page.

Global Campus Extraordinary Student of the Year

Each year one student who has overcome great odds to continue studying at a distance is selected and honored at the Global Campus Honors and Awards Reception which is held each spring.

Global Campus Digital Giveaways

The Global Campus website allows visitors to download many things such as a K-State calendar that features campus buildings and other scenes, K-State desktop wall paper, mailing labels, and stickers.

The most popular items are for kids, and they include color pages and flashcards with Willie Wildcat in the background. The flashcards have the alphabet or numbers on them for the younger crowd. Since many of our distance students are raising young children, this is a way for the parents to share their experience at K-State with their kids.

Find out more here.

The Leading Edge Newsletter

The Leading Edge is an electronic newsletter written and distributed by Global Campus five times during the academic year. The main purpose of the newsletter is to bring the campus to the distance students. On the front page, the lead article always highlights a campus entity friendly to distance students. In the past we have highlighted offices offering services to distance students such as the Career and Employment Office, introduced the new K-State provost and president and other administrators, shared information about the Landon Lectures and included important upcoming dates.

Pinnacle Honor Society

The Pinnacle Honor Society allows distance students to participate in an honor society. Those selected are honored at the Honors and Awards Reception if they are located near the university and if not they are given pins and certificates and mentioned in Global Campus publications.

Virtual Commencement

This is a website that acknowledges all distance graduates. It includes videos of the provost, dean and alumni director congratulating students and has a place for faculty, advisors, coordinators and family members to post congratulatory notes. Find out more about K-State's virtual commencement.