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Module Summary

Social Networking tool like Facebook is creatively experimented and used by instructors to teach in the digital world.


Learners will...

  • discover different ways to teach using Facebook.

Main Contents

Facebook is the most popular social networking tool known to most people. However the use of it in the higher education realm is still not very common. Many Instructors are finding creative ways to use Facebook to keep up with students’ learning styles in the digital world by incorporating it in their courses. Often when Facebook is used in teaching, instructors create a separate account from the instructor’s personal Facebook account to maintain professionalism. Instructors should remind students to be good citizens in communicating and interacting with others when on Facebook for the course purpose. Privacy settings need to be set to high.


100 ways you should be using Facebook in your classroom -

Possible Pitfalls

  • Requires extra time and creativity on the side of the instructor to plan and execute use of Facebook for teaching.
  • Use of an instructor's personal profile for an assignment on Facebook can create confusion and lack of privacy.
  • Lack of thorough planning can result in the assignment not achieving it's objective for the course using the social networking tool.
  • Students might need to be encouraged to participate in an alternative way than they are commonly used to being on Facebook.
  • Instructor might have to demonstrate in the beginning the participation expectations and research for students to follow.
  • Privacy matters have to be discussed and set to avoid flaming students or unexpected visitors in the Facebook group.
  • Roles and expectations need to be clearly stated to maintain order and functionality for using Facebook as an assignment.
  • Lack of participation points not defined for student on an non-traditional assignment can result to management of grades at a later stage.
  • Instructors will have to think how to re-purpose the Facebook group for the next round of teaching the course.

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