Self-Testing, Practice, and Mastery Learning

From E-Learning Faculty Modules


Module Summary

Use practice assignments and self-testing to make it possible for your students to assess themselves throughout the course, testing their own knowledge and giving them a better chance to understand how they are progressing.

Automatically graded online quizzes makes this process easy, and you do not have to worry about grading. Students can take them as many times as they wish and immediately get the answers.


Learners will...

  • Understand the advantages of quick, automated, online assignments and assessment.
  • Explore some creative uses for online assignment.

Main Concepts

Online assignments provide a quick and easy way to add to your course. There is a wide-range of activities that can be supported by the automated features of K-State Online assignments. Some of the uses that can be fulfilled by small, low-risk quizzes and assignments are as follows:

  • Quizzes over readings
  • Remediation of previous material
  • Practice (mastery learning, both for credit and no credit)
  • Syllabus quizzes
  • Enrichment
  • Extra credit
  • Self-assessment

The greatest advantage for using online quizzes and assignments is that they can be created and used with a minimum of support. Allowing you to provide content and interaction without having to provide continual individual support.

Possible Pitfalls

  • Too many assignments

Like all things, online assignments can be overused. They work great in a weekly format. But, be careful to have a clear rational behind using quizzes more frequently.

  • Too many errors

Poorly phrased questions, less than deliberate questions, and quizzes built for the sake of busy work, all lead to frustrated students and support issues for you, the instructor.