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Learners will...

  • What is a Proctor?
  • When is a Proctor required?
  • Acceptable Proctors
  • Preparation required
  • Costs

Main Contents

What is a Proctor?
A Proctor is someone who oversees the administration of an exam.

When is a Proctor required?
Proctors are often used for make-up exams, and also for exams in distance education classes. In both instances, professors require the use of a Proctor to ensure the fairness and integrity of the examination.

Acceptable Proctors

A Proctor must be a trustworthy individual or institution as recognized by the University. Acceptable Proctors include:

  • Kansas State University (Global Campus) Student and Faculty Services Testing Center
  • Testing facility at a University or Community College campus (Please reference the NCTA site for some available options at This list is not an exhaustive list of acceptable testing centers.)
  • County Agent (Extension Office)
  • Adult Learning Center
  • Military Testing Facility or Military Education Officer
  • Testing/proctoring organizations such as:
  • Proctor U (at home proctoring service using a webcam)

Preparation Required
It is the responsibility of the student to secure a Proctor for his/her exams. The Proctor must fit the description of acceptable Proctors. The student must discuss the number of exams and length of each with the Proctor, as it requires a time commitment. KSU requires that Proctors be available for all exams, return exams in a timely manner, provide a valid email address, and complete the online Exam Proctor’s Agreement found at:

Many possible Proctors will be free of charge, such as the K-State Global Campus Student and Faculty Services Testing Center. However, some options do incur charges, particularly testing/proctoring organizations, such as Sylvan and Proctor U. These and other services can charge up to $50 per exam. Costs incurred for proctoring are the responsibility of the student.

  • Proctor U charges $22.50 for every two hour exam. Students are also responsible for purchasing a webcam and other required online testing equipment.

Possible Pitfalls

Some students may have difficulty securing a Proctor. If the use of a testing/proctoring service is required, some students may not be able to afford taking several exams at $50 per exam.


Links for testing/proctoring services:

Information for K-State Global Campus Student and Faculty Services Testing Center:

  • Testing Center Location: Kansas State University, Unger Complex

  • Testing Programs and Services