Online Laboratories and Simulations / Multi-Agent Modeling Environments

From E-Learning Faculty Modules

The State of the Art

From SoftChalk Cloud (repository)

Motility Testing- Laboratory 7

Science Courses Fully Online with Real Labs

From Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Teaching (MERLOT)

The Virtual Transgenic Fly Lab

Science Lab: Mineral Physical Properties and Identification

Applets for Neural Networks and Artificial Life

Virtual Microscope for a Biology Lab

Cornell Lab or Ornithology

Note: This has an example of citizen science.

University of Oregon’s Physics Applets

Learn Genetics (University of Utah)

Hands-on Introduction to Electrical Engineering Lab Skills

Note: This is not a lab but does have .pdf lab handouts. This sort of course assumes that the work will be done but does not say how.

The University of Virginia Virtual Lab

Note: This has creative animated visualizations. This requires iTunes. This is not a virtualized traditional lab though.

iLabCentral (a remote lab) / Northwestern University

Note: This is a for-pay service. There are demo videos.

Sample Labs

The Biology Place

Mechanism of Drug Addiction / Mouse Party (University of Utah)

Note: This is an engaging simulation. The audience might be for younger learners, but this seems based on some basic science even if the presentation is a little more glitzy than most animations.

Open Course Library: General Biology with Lab

Note: This is available for the IMS Common Cartridge file…for BlackBoard and ANGEL. This just looks like a curriculum with a lab, but this does not seem to be a lab per se.

Weather Analysis Laboratory for Teaching and Educational Resources

Note: This has some great visualizations. It’s also live and real-time.

Life Preservers (Games for Entertaining and Learning Lab / Michigan State University)

From a Google Search

Howard Hughes Virtual Labs (The Transgenic Fly Virtual Lab; Bacterial Identification Lab; Cardiology Lab; Neurophysiology Lab; Immunology Lab)

Virtual Labs: An Initiative of Ministry of Human Resource Development under the National Mission on Education through ICT

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

iLab at MIT (Remote Labs)

Note: The following is a remote lab endeavor…but this might be too much of a partner commitment. Not sure. They do have a lot of global partners:

The Global Online Laboratory Consortium has a wiki site.


iLabs Wiki

Lab Applications for iPads

Frog Dissection App on iPad (commercial product)

The Virtual Bacterial ID Lab (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) (iTunes) / viewable app on iPad

Increasing Modeling Complexity

Multi-Agent Modeling and Simulation Tools (Make Your Own! Build Off of Others’!)

NETLOGO (freeware modeling tool) / Northwestern University

Downloadable Multi-Agent Programmable Modeling Environment Tool:

NETLOGO Models Library

MASON (Multi-Agent Simulator of Neighborhoods / Networks) / George Mason University

SWARM Platform

Note: For a fuller list, please check out the Wikipedia entry.

Some Proprietary and Commercial Products

Improved Object-Based Physics in Virtual Worlds

Patterns (Linden Labs, Makers of Second Life®)

Technical Computing


Note: A high-end math-based tool for simulation would be MatLab. K-State has licenses for this software.