IDTRoundtables: Wiki Mania

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Presented by: • Roger McHaney, Professor - Management • Linda Yarrow , Assistant Professor • David Bollman, System Specialist • Bronwyn Fees, Associate Professor in Family Studies & Human Services • Angela Chauncey, Applications Manager

Wikis are changing how we see and use information. Visit with Roger McHaney, Professor in Management; Bronwyn Fees, Associate Professor in Family Studies & Human Services; Linda Yarrow, Assistant Professor with Human Nutrition; Angela Chauncey, Applications Manager in OME; and David Bollman, System Specialist in iTAC, as they take us on a tour of their wikis, both in the classroom and the professional setting. We will share our experiences, the high points, the low points, and everything in between. Bring your questions to ask our panel of experts!

This video is part of the IDTRoundtables series, which ran at Kansas State University from 2004 – 2012.


Wiki Mania

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