IDTRoundtables: Automated Learning + Gating on K-State Online

From E-Learning Faculty Modules

Presented by:

• Shalin Hai-Jew, Instructional Designer • Swasati Mukherjee, Instructional Designer

At the university level, automated learning is being used for certifications, staff and faculty training, pre-course priming of learners, value-added learning, and web-based training (WBT). Automation can add value to discovery learning spaces and virtual learning environments (VLEs). See the latest in pedagogical and design strategies, based on the academic research and practices. See what automated training you can create with the integration of the new gating feature on K-State Online. Please bring ideas for automating parts of your courses for discussion.

This video is part of the IDTRoundtables series, which ran at Kansas State University from 2004 – 2012.


Automated Learning + Gating on K-State Online

The slideshow related to this presentation is available in both .pptx and .pdf forms here and here.