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The E-Learning Faculty modules are a work by Kansas State University's instructional designers with the support of select faculty and K-State Global Campus, the Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC), and the Office of Mediated Education (OME). This was launched in 2011.

Anyone with questions are welcome to contact the site designers:

Instructional Designers / Content Developers

Ben Ward (bward@k-state.edu) Beginners' Studio (Ben is no longer with iTAC.)

Swasati Mukherjee E-Learning Central (Swasati is no longer with K-State.)

Dr. Shalin Hai-Jew (shalin@k-state.edu) Advanced Workshop

The instructional designers collaboratively co-created the templates for the Beginners' Studio, E-Learning Central, and Advanced Workshop areas. They worked individually to create the contents of this site and for the online course in the Canvas LMS.


All the following are listed in alphabetical order within each section.

Administrative Supporters

Dr. Rebecca Gould*

Dr. Sue C. Maes (honorary)

Dr. April Mason (former provost)

Lynda Spire (ret.)

Academic and Administrative Advisers

Rosemary Boggs

Dr. Deb Canter

Phyllis Epps (ret.)

Trina McCarty

Dr. Bettie Minshall

Dr. Barb Newhouse

Charles Thorpe

Laura Widenor

Dr. L. Sue Williams


Brent A. Anders

Dr. Fred Burrack

Zachary Caby

Dr. Victoria Clegg (ret.)

Marty Courtois

Dr. Gayle Doll

Jon Faustman

Scott Finkeldei

Dr. Chad Jackson

Dr. Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson

Dr. Roger McHaney

Jenny Oleen

Dr. Deanna Retzlaff

Beth Turtle (ret.)

Dr. Melissa Wanklyn

Dr. Karin Westman

Dr. Linda Yarrow,

and others.

(Note: Josh Works (of worksology fame) was one of the founding wiki masters. He contributed much to the evolution of this project. Also, Dr. Roger McHaney worked as a wiki master on this project for a time.)

Graphic Artists for Site Design

Mary Hager (the Web banner)

Daniel Warner (the logo in the wiki skin)

Thanks to all the faculty, staff, and administrators who have provided feedback and support for the building and maintenance of this open-source resource. All your contributions and insights are valuable to us. This interactive site (particularly Faculty Share) benefits immensely from the open postings of all K-State faculty, staff, and administrators.


Need Feedback and Support on an E-Learning Question or Project?

The Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC)

The iTAC Instructional Designers may provide consultation and support on instructional design.

On-Campus Technology Trainings

Campus-wide technology trainings are available.

The K-State Global Campus Contact Information

The Program Coordinators are available for consultation on new courses.

The Formal Launch of the E-Learning Faculty Modules Site

The formal launch of this E-Learning Faculty Modules site was in early 2011.


A K-State Site

The co-editing of this website is for K-Staters only. Only those with a valid electronic Identification (eID) linked to Kansas State University may create accounts on this wiki. (Access has to be manually approved based on a verified email account at the university.) We appreciate the cooperation of all. Any accounts which are created by non-K-State faculty, administrators, and staff will have their accounts blocked and any pages removed.

Digital graffiti and spamming are highly discouraged. All email accounts have to be approved before individuals may edit or contribute contents. All accounts have to be verified and active K-State ones, with account holders in good standing.

Site Support

Thanks to iTAC and OME for their continuing support of this site. Without their support, this site would not have been created and would not exist into the present.


We are grateful to the Wikimedia Foundation for the free and open-source MediaWiki technology, on which this site is built. The K-State Office of Mediated Education hosts this site, and we are grateful for their professional support.