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The "Take 5" section showcases faculty members introducing various technologies that may be used in e-learning. Please click on the links below in order to view the related videos. (These videos were created by Chuck Thorpe and Brent A. Anders, M.S.Ed. This section was led by Lynda Spire, who has since retired.)

The following photo album shows photos from the Take 5 event at the Innovations in Teaching and Learning (ITL) conference at K-State in March 2013. Lynda Spire hosted a panel of expert faculty discussing a range of technologies used for teaching and learning.

At the top is a video that was shown at the event.


The following is a digital photo album from that event.


(Note: Please click on the link below for the photo album.)

Take 5 Event 2013, Innovations in Teaching and Learning 2013 at K-State Photo Album

Take 5 Topics and Presenters


Dr. Roger W. McHaney on Wikis

Immersive Simulation

Dr. Roger W. McHaney on Simulations

Video Creation

Brent A. Anders on Videos


Dr. Linda Yarrow on Blogs

K-State Online Analytics

Scott Finkeldei on KSOL Analytics

Open Educational Resources

Dr. Brian Lindshield on Open Educational Resources

Search It: A Library Research Tool

Joelle Pitts on Search It: A Library Research Tool


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