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The "General Reference Resources" area is a space for administrators, faculty, and staff working to support online learning. This space offers resources such as a rubric for quality e-learning, e-learning terminology, and other relevant information.

Instructional Design for Mediated Education at K-State

Instructional Designers (from iTAC) are available to assist faculty in developing engaging and high quality learning environments.

The instructional designers have facilitated many presentations and discussions about technology and e-learning. The videos of the Instructional Design Technology Roundtables (IDTRoundtables) are archived below as separate units based on topics. The videos were produced by the Office of Mediated Education (OME), by Brent A. Anders and the multimedia team at OME. All the videos are listed under the "I" section. The IDT Roundtables were made possible by the various presenting faculty and staff at K-State. Swasati Mukherjee managed the IDT Roundtables series. Shalin Hai-Jew transferred the videos to a Google YouTube channel and set up the links here. Jon Faustman helped transfer the contents from the original OME Instructional Design site, which was retired in 2010. A number of faculty presenters contributed to the series over the years.

Suggestions for Additional Topics Welcome

If you have suggestions for additional topics, please go to the "About E-Learning Faculty Modules," and contact the instructional designers with your ideas. That link is About.


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