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All grades given for online instruction follow the same Policy on Grading as traditional Kansas State University classes. The Grading Policy can be found on the K-State website at the Registrar's Office or more specifically at the “Grading Policy” link.

Copyright Basics

Any work is accorded copyright protection. All users of World Wide Web servers at Kansas State University are reminded that any redistribution or copying of copyrighted material requires the permission of the copyright owner. K-State Online adheres to the official Kansas State University policy regarding copyright and intellectual property. Copyright Basics, K-State copyright tutorials, Fair Use Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions can be found at the university’s “Copyright Basics” (a part of Intellectual Property) website.

Security Training

The State of Kansas has mandated all state employees receive cyber-security awareness training. In addressing this mandate, the Office of Information Security and Compliance at Kansas State University offers training to the entire K-State community so they can keep up with the continually changing dangers of the Internet. Trainings focus on IT security topics that impact the campus, such as malware trends, firewall configurations and upcoming IT policy changes. You can find information on upcoming trainings and past trainings on the Kansas State University website at IT Security.

Syllabus requirements

Kansas State University requires all course syllabi include a statement regarding academic honesty, a statement for academic accommodations for students with disabilities and a statement defining expectations for classroom conduct. These policies and procedures apply to all full and part-time students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses on campus, off-campus and via distance learning. Statement and policy specifics can be found on the K-State website “K-State Course Syllabi Statements” (Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President) at this site.

Definition of a Distance Credit Hour

Kansas State University has defined a university credit hour and the expectation is that face to face courses and online courses comply with the terms of this definition. Online course instructors should be able to translate the requirements into the amount of engagement students exhibit throughout the course, keeping in mind that interactive planned communication with students should be a vital part of the course. The statement defining a Kansas State University credit hour can be found at the Department Head’s Manual (for Faculty and Unclassified Professionals).

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