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K-State Global Campus Request for Proposals for Program Development

All funding for development of online courses offered through K-State's Global Campus requires participation in the Global Campus RFP (request for proposals) process. Those selected to receive development grants will be requested to complete several of the Stand Alone modules described on the E-Learning Faculty Modules Main Page. The RFP process is found on the Global Campus Development Grants.

Course Delivery

At Kansas State University course delivery falls into one of these four categories-- Face to Face delivery, Online delivery, Videoconferencing or Guided Study. Some blended courses may use a combination of online and face to face delivery. Different technologies can be used for course delivery in all four areas. Online courses offered through Global Campus must be interactive with regular planned interaction and communication between the instructor and students. Kansas State University does not offer correspondence courses. Delivery methods and instructional technologies can be found on the Global Campus website at Delivery and Communication.

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