How to Cook Delicious Coffee chocolate delight

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Coffee chocolate delight.

Coffee chocolate delight You can cook Coffee chocolate delight using 15 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Coffee chocolate delight

  1. Prepare of butter.
  2. Prepare of marie Biscuits (crush).
  3. It’s of coffee.
  4. You need of cocoa powder.
  5. You need of butter.
  6. It’s of whipped cream.
  7. Prepare of condensed milk.
  8. You need of water.
  9. Prepare of Coffee pancake.
  10. Prepare of Chocolate sprinkles for decoration.
  11. Prepare of Cherries for decoration.
  12. Prepare of Dark fantasy biscuits.
  13. You need of chocolate syrup.
  14. You need of coffee.
  15. Prepare of sugar.

Coffee chocolate delight step by step

  1. First we mix biscuit crush 1spoon coffee 1spoon cocoa powder and butter and transfer to bowl and set to 10 minutes in the refrigerator now whip the cream divide three protein condensed milk Will be added to the first portion.
  2. And cover the crush biscuits with condensed whipped cream now take a bowl take add 1spoon coffee 3spoon sugar and half cup water.
  3. Deep the biscuits in coffee mixture and set the biscuits layer on top of the cream now cover the biscuits with plain whipped cream(second portion).
  4. Now set the pancake over the cream now take a bowl add 2spoon coffee 3spoon sugar and 3spoon hot water and grind untill fluffy now add 2spoon whipped cream and mix well and spread it over the cake now take third portion of whipped cream add 2teaspoon cocoa powder chocolate syrup and put the remaining coffee mixture (in which deep biscuits) and grind well spread over the coffee cream.
  5. Now decorate with chocolate sprinkles sliver boll and cherries and refrigerator atlest 1 hour.

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